Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mary and Max (2009)

Claymation feature-length story of a pen-pal relationship between Mary, a lonely 8-year old Australian girl, and Max, an overweight, middle-aged, troubled recluse in New York.
This film features the most original and skilled claymation you will see. However, beware, Wallace and Gromit, it is not. Some serious issues going on here, including alcoholism, depression, mental illness, sexuality, suicide, death, and violence. And for your pleasure, presented in the most charming and often hysterical way.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toni Collette offer up their voices for the main characters. PSH absolutely nails it with a spot-on Jewish New York accent and perfect sensibility for the troubled Max. The mighty Barry Humphries (Dame Edna) narrates.
Max suffers from Asperger syndrome, which is an autistic-like disorder that plagues him with a crippling disconnect from other people, coupled with obsessive behavior. He's smart and fully aware of his problems, like so many people are in the world today.

Wow. Painful and beautiful, and often funny-as-hell.

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