Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jackie Brown (1997)

An aging down-on-her-luck stewardess, gun dealer, and bail bondsman aim to bring a load of money into the country under the nose of the cops.  One of Tarantino's least Tarantino-ish films, and one of his best. The casting is simply brilliant with Pam Grier as the beautiful aging stewardess (nom-nom-nom!), and Robert Forster as Max Cherry, the lucid bail bondsman.  You want to punch Bridget Fonda as the snotty, lazy surfer girl.  DeNiro gives an understated and precision performance as Lou, a dopey ex-con.

Of course, stealing the show in this one is Samuel L. Jackson as hyper-cool gun runner Ordell Robbie.  If you liked him in Pulp Fiction, you'll love him in this.   Also, a very cute chemistry between Forster and Grier.  Grier is so damn good in this movie, poised, smart, tough, vulnerable and sexy as hell.

Quickie Synopsis
The Good
The Bad and
The Greedy