Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rock of Ages (2012)

Rock of Ages (2012)

Rock of Ages Survival Guide

Ok, I got caught off guard with this one, and here’s some advice that might help virgin viewers of this film.

Prepare yourself, and gear up mentally beforehand.  It is a musical.  Be prepared for all the cliché 80’s songs you can possibly stand.  They will be used, abused, fondled, spindled and mutilated.  That’s a given.   Do not waste your cynicism on this film.  Every affectation will be brutally perpetrated.

Don’t base your opinions of this movie on your like or dislike of 80’s music.
Don’t base your opinions of this movie on musical pureness or integrity.

In the finale you will hear “Don’t Stop Believing”.  This will be your  hardest “suspend your cynicism” test.  I did not put a spoiler alert for this because it’s no big surprise really.  Take the gun away from your head.  This is the inevitable ending to this movie and cannot be avoided.  Just be thankful it does not drag out too long.

If you can follow the instructions above, it’s pretty enjoyable overall.

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