Monday, November 25, 2013

The American (2010)

A hitman does one last job in Italy.

Don't watch this film if you're looking for a glossy, trendy action flick.  This is a different kind of movie. There's minimal dialogue.  The pacing and plotting are somewhat more along the lines of a 70's Charles Bronson film.  It takes its time, doesn't reveal too much, and doesn't foreshadow the action.

George Clooney is good for the most part-- don't go looking for Seth Gecko here. His character is calm, competent, and thoughtful.  But it does fit with the style of the movie, and it works.

Also, check out the stunning Italian actress, Violante Placido....nom nom nom...

You'll not find any major revelations, lessons, or crazy plot twists, etc.  It's a simple story. And overall a pretty good movie.  So eat a bowl of polenta and enjoy.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bad Grandpa (2013)

Johnny Knoxville plays dirty 86-year old Irving Zisman, who begrudgingly drives his 8-year old grandson Billy across the country to live with his lowlife father.

 This plot is used to tie together a bunch of mostly physical gags pulled candid-camera style on real people (ala Borat). The twist is Knoxville, who has a penchant for crashing shopping carts and taking hard shots to the nuts. Add some extreme prosthetics and a remarkably ballsy 8-year old kid and well, you get the idea.

Any comedy movie consisting of gags held together by a simple story will be hit and miss, that comes with the dinner. This one is more watchable than most, due to the chemistry between Knoxville and amazing young Jackson Nicholl, who steals scenes regularly.

This is fairly tamer than you would think, and kind of sweet actually, but if your wife doesn't dig the Three Stooges, or appreciate rubber genitalia (in a movie that is), don't take her. Four Giant Smiles from me, well worth a night out for some laughs.

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