Friday, March 2, 2012

Newlyweds (2011)

A newly married couple deals with the drama sparked by a visit from the husbands' flighty sister.

If you're a fan of Ed Burns, check this one out. The writer/director of The Brothers McMullen, and She's The One offers up this intimate film about, well... intimacy. Buzzy and Katie live in NY. Buzzy loves his new marriage because he works days and she works nights, thus making his new marriage the man's futile dream--one big, no-drama newlywed vacation.

Until, that is, his butterfly of a sister arrives unexpectedly from L.A. to light up the drama. Throw in Katie's bitter older sister and her rocky marriage, Katie's starving artist ex, and you've got the makings of a nice Ed Burns Irish Stew (not too Irish this time...)

Kerry Biche is adorable in this film-- I mention this for when you watch it, smile, and say, "who is this girl?"

This is an obvious love-note to NY and Woody Allen--no problem there. Rumor has it that this film was made for only $9,000 in 12 days. Lots of handheld shots, some of it in semi-documentary style, some of the locations look like someone's apartment...who cares--it works. Burns' script is true, human, and funny and that's all you need.

Quickie Synopsis