Friday, February 26, 2010

White Lightning (1973)

Gator McKlusky is released from prison to track down a moonshine ring and avenge his brother. This is a real taste of the south. Hot and sweaty, with dusty car chases through small towns and muddy country roads. Burt Reynolds' best work in this movie. Don't expect Burt to monkey around and try to get his costars in a laughing fit. This isn't the movie for that. Bo Hopkins is likeable as his moonshining partner, and Ned Beatty makes the perfect redneck sheriff.

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White Lightning Movie said...

I can't say much about this movie as it's yet to be seen. I read its story and I don't find it interesting enough to watch it. This movie seems to follow the old pattern. I want to see some trailer first. If you watched this movie then share your point.

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