Friday, March 19, 2010

Croupier (1998)

A weary writer takes a job as a croupier in a British casino.  A darkish, multi-layered tale of a man narrating his own life.  It's a pleasure to watch Clive Owen as a virtuoso roulette dealer, working with precision and a studied disdain for his clients.  So much more is happening between the folds than what you're seeing.  A tantalizing look into the workings of a casino, but so much more than that.  Very cool and very understated.

Quickie Synopsis
As Jake

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I really like your post. I haven't seen this movie yet but after reading your review I find it quite nice. The plot of the movie seems interesting and it will be pleasure to watch Clive Owen in the movie. So I am looking forward to watch it.

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