Monday, March 8, 2010

Heaven Help Us (1985)

A newcomer to a Catholic Boys School in 1965 Brooklyn befriends the local misfits. Lots to like about this one. Andrew McCarthy and Mary Stuart Masterson as the leads, a great assortment of Monk-teachers; Brother Wallace Shaw, Brother John Heard and Brother Donald Sutherland--Goddamn, what a Catholic school! Kevin Dillon steals the show as the brainless, ballsy Rooney. This movie is a lot of fun, but also has the proper heaviosity, and apparently hits the mark for showing the cruelty, repression, and hijinks of a Catholic boys school in the late 60's. Well worth a look.

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Heaven Help Us said...

I like your review about this movie. I haven't seen this movie yet but after reading your review I am planning to watch it. This seems as an interesting movie with a good story. I think this movie is for youngsters. I am looking forward to watch this movie.

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