Friday, January 7, 2011

The Fifth Element (1997)

Ex-military cab driver Corben Dallas must save the world by teaming up with sexy redhead "supreme being".  Luc Besson went deliciously overboard on characters, aliens, special effects on this one.  Pure fun from start to finish.  I could watch Milla Jovovich speaking alien gibberish all day.  Chris Tucker steals it downright as Ruby Rhod, a zany futuristic DJ.  Fantastic casting, with Ian Holm as wry Father Cornelius the priest, and Gary Oldman as the evil ZORG.  When folks get real nervous in the future, chocolate syrup drips from their heads.  How can that be wrong? 

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Shaun said...

The Fifth Element is a movie that stands out in my mind. Amazing some people absolutely hate it, some absolutely love it. I have always enjoyed seeing this movie, it was well put together, and the acting I thought was done very well, with the exception of Chris Tucker. The editing was done very well, every scene floes into the next, and conversations happen between scenes simultaneously without flaw. This is probably why it was the first movie I put into my queue when I set up my blockbuster @home account, after Netfliz raised prices, I didn’t have any rental’s for movies so I decided since I work at DISH I would give the @home a shot. Before I even put The Fifth Element into my queue I looked through the 20 movie channels included and the on demand hoping it would be there but alas, sometimes I have bad timing because I didn’t find it, so I rented it and I have continued to get my $10 out of the plan every month, mostly with streaming movies. I forgot how orange that shirt was although that could have been just because it was the first time I had seen it in High Definition, but still I can’t seem to get bored watching it from end to end, proves that it is a very enjoyable movie.

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