Monday, January 24, 2011

Gun (2010)

An ex-con joins up with an ambitious inner-city gun runner.  Written by and starring the charismatic 50 Cent and co-starring a pudgy and intense Val Kilmer.  2 good reasons to watch this.  Another is the great inner-city visuals and intimate nature of this flick.  Yet another is James Remar as the flustered detective, and of course, AnnaLynne McCord; smoking hot in this one. In a couple of scenes, she actually out-CharlizeTheron's Charlize Theron! (watch it, you'll get my drift).   Simple plot, nothing too crazy here. But a warning: the movie does idolize guns, especially with 50 Cent toting the mighty .500 Smith and Wesson Magnum, the most powerful handgun on earth, used mainly by Alaskan bush pilots to kill giant grizzlies. Every gangbanger in North America will be drooling and camping out in line for one of these babies once they've seen the movie. (hey man, it is what it is....).  Very capable attempt by 50 Cent, and fun to watch.

Quickie Synopsis

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