Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Kings Speech (2010)

Wow what a beautiful film about King George VI and his speech therapist helping him with an awful stammer. The added weight of impending war with Germany gives the needed urgency. I liked this facet of it, and it worked flawlessly, much as it did in Remains of the Day.

Now I am a boorish American, I'll admit that. But I love British films that deal with the throne, great wealth, aristocracy, butlers, fox hunting, and "you may have some more port if you desire, but do not come into the drawing room"-type stuff (maybe cause my name is Earl, maybe cause its SOOO different than my experience.

Great emotional impact in this film thanks to Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. This is a solid, quiet story about self worth and redemption done up without all the Hollywood hoopla, rising cheesy music, overdone reaction shots, etc. If anything could be called "lovely", this movie would be it.

I could watch Firth stutter all day, have Rush benignly stare at me for months, and hell, I'd even curtsy and gush repeatedly for Helena Bonham Carter.

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