Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Paper Chase (1973)

The struggles of a Harvard Law School student. Timothy Bottoms is solid and thoughtful as James Hart, a first-year law student. He is completely awed and terrified to the point of puking by the dreaded Professor Kingsfield. John Houseman won an Oscar for playing this sarcastic, intelligent and caustic giant. If you want essential John Houseman, this is the movie to see.

Lindsay Wagner plays Hart's love interest and daughter of the feared professor. Some very fun characters show up in the likes of Graham Beckel, Edward Herrmann, and Craig Richard Nelson as Hart's study group partners.

Love that early 70's feel-- kind of a laid-back outer coating revealing a ball of stress nestled on the inside. Even if you are not a law student, this is a very smart movie with some characters you will not forget, trust me. An overused word these days, but Kingsfield is EPIC.

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Charla Mcguyer said...

He's one of my favorite teachers in films, next to John Keating in Dead Poets Society. Professor Kingsfield knows exactly when to throw his lines to his students, especially if they're not listening. Students admire his straightforward attitude and words of wisdom.

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