Monday, November 25, 2013

The American (2010)

A hitman does one last job in Italy.

Don't watch this film if you're looking for a glossy, trendy action flick.  This is a different kind of movie. There's minimal dialogue.  The pacing and plotting are somewhat more along the lines of a 70's Charles Bronson film.  It takes its time, doesn't reveal too much, and doesn't foreshadow the action.

George Clooney is good for the most part-- don't go looking for Seth Gecko here. His character is calm, competent, and thoughtful.  But it does fit with the style of the movie, and it works.

Also, check out the stunning Italian actress, Violante Placido....nom nom nom...

You'll not find any major revelations, lessons, or crazy plot twists, etc.  It's a simple story. And overall a pretty good movie.  So eat a bowl of polenta and enjoy.

Quickie Synopsis:


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