Monday, March 29, 2010

Frenzy (1972)

An down-on-his luck man is falsely accused of multiple rapes/murders in London.  Great Hitchcock.  Both gruesome and funny--best yet are the the scenes of Inspector Oxford having experimental gourmet meals forced on him by his wife, played by Vivien Merchant with a delightfully nutty flair.  Good solid acting all around.  Hitchcock totally messes with you with his long camera shots and suspense, but it's a fun ride.  A real British treat.

Quickie Synopsis
I didn't
Do it
You Bastards!

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Frenzy 2011 said...

I agree truly a British movie. Although story of the movie is not unique still you like it. As its fun movie and you enjoy watching it. All around good performances. It has comedy and drama. It's an average but one time watch movie.

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